»Kore® wheel arch cover selection


The Kore® van protection solution is rounded up by the wheel arch covers.


The “Kore® WAC” give the finishing touch to the cargo space while protecting the chassis around the wheel areas.

The covers are designed to be installed with our floors and linings to complete the full coverage and giving a cohesive look to the cargo space.



» Vacuum formed ABS or HD-PE plastic 


» It fits like a glove!

» The material is durable, adapts to low temperatures down to -50°C and is suitable for recycling

» Installation without any additional accessories - the covers are held in place by the plywood floor and the wall lining

K4BDJ061 Boxer Ducato Jumper w


 » PlyBOX-wheel arch covers - upgraded 2.0 version available for project cases.


» New PlyBOX 2.0 wheel arch covers are ready assembled boxes, fitted with aluminium edges for high-end look and easy installation and handling. The PlyBOXes are fixed to the van chassis with screws i.e. through the lining panels.

» The wheel arch cover boxes are designed to maximize the cargo space, but also to enable storage on or in the box.

» For many models they will come in two heights “Low” & “High” and are designed to fit perfectly over the wheel arch of the van.

» The most models are covering multiple van lengths.

  PlyboxX250 cr






» PlyBoxes are available in 9mm Kore® van floor materials.

- 9mm KoskiCrown dark brown
- 9mm KoskiCrown silver grey
- 9mm KoskiDeck granite

Other materials available on request.

» The product range is to be completed to cover all biggest vans in our portfolio.



All materials are durable and suitable for recycling.



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