»Kore® wheel arch covers


The Kore® van protection solution is rounded up by the wheel arch covers.


The “Kore® WAC” give the finishing touch to the cargo space while protecting the chassis around the wheel areas.

The covers are designed to be installed with our floors and linings to complete the full coverage and giving a cohesive look to the cargo space.



»Vacuum formed HD-PE plastic 

» It fits like a glove!

»The material is durable, adapts to low temperatures down to -50°C and is suitable for recycling

»Installation without any additional accessories - the covers are held in place by the plywood floor and the wall lining



»PLY BOX-wheel arch covers - upgraded VER.2 available soon!

» to utilize the space in your van to the max!

» exact fitting to each van



All materials are durable and suitable for recycling.



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wheel covers


» Linings




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