»Kore® van lining and ceiling kits

Choose Kore’s extremely durable lining and ceiling kits for your van interior. Whether your choice is super strong plywood or light weight plastic, the panels come  ready-machined and pre-drilled to suit all common van types.




Kore® van linings and ceilings contribute to a pleasant working environment and increase your van’s resale value. The lining protects your cargo-space from bumps and dents and keeps the load space neat and hygienic.




If you can’t find a suitable product or service for your needs from our standard product range, we are happy to work with you to find the best tailor-made solutions instead.


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»Finnish Plywood
– either of KoskiFutura with PP-coating, in grey colour RAL 7001 or of KoskiStandard uncoated plywood



» Thickness 4mm – weight 2,7 kg/m²

» Thickness 6,5mm – weight 4,3 kg/m²


» Plywood is highly puncture resistant.

» It has good noise reduction properties and excellent temperature resistance.

» The coating is resistant to the most common chemicals, water, and moisture.


» It is the more sustainable option from our portfolio.

– Structured plastic panels of polypropylene (PP) honeycomb




» 100% recyclable PP

» Thickness 4 mm


» Weight 1,5 kg/m²

→ Light weight product 


» Resistant to most common chemicals, water and moisture




The Kore® lining and ceiling accessories are designed to allow easy fixing of the vertical linings. The clips, screws, washers and hinges and their locations are specified and optimized for each van model. Usage of the original fixing points is prioritized.



We are using as much as possible the less invasive options to fix the kits to the van. Our aim is to fit as many vans as possible with plugs to the original holes in the chassis to avoid screws.




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» Floors


wheel covers


» Wheel arch covers




» Accessories