Kore Floors

Kore Floors are made of a durable flooring material, Finnish birch plywood coated with a hard wearing overlay giving a high quality appearance. The floors are ready machined to fit the most common van models on the market and include fixings to suit the different van types and models.



Kore Floors are available in two thicknesses: 9 and 12 mm.


They are made of slip-resistant KoskiCrown in a choice of dark brown or silver grey or KoskiDeck with granite outlook . As an advanced option we offer our  KoskiFutura DUO floor in light grey tone..



Crown surface
KoskiCrown ligh grey
granite mesh



A standard Kore floor has a 1-4 piece construction depending of the size of the van. It enables easy handling and storage of the floor kit.

Trims are installed to every floor as standard when possible. Fixing of the flooring to the van is done via the original lashing points using lashing cups whenever possible.


All necessary accessories and fixing material are included in the kit.


floor screws 72pix



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