Kore Story


The professional van is more than a means of transportation. It is a workspace that needs to be strong, durable, and comfortable at its core. Most of all, it has to serve its user perfectly – without hassle or compromising quality. At Kore, we offer solid and high-quality interior solutions for professional van owners.
We are solution architects. Our top-tier solutions are designed, manufactured, and delivered according to an understanding of our customers’ needs – allowing them to receive solutions that are exactly right and also save valuable time and effort thanks to a smooth order and delivery process.


As part of the Koskisen group, a company committed to wood since 1909, we produce our panels in-house from high-quality Nordic birch wood. We therefore know our plywood solutions inside out and are able to ensure the service process all the way from the forest to the van. We also make sure that our wood is always harvested in a sustainable and transparent way.
We take pride in knowing the customers of Kore receive a complete process of van interior solutions, always with efficiency and precision.




This all makes Kore a reliable choice – for both our customer and the van.



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